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Drivers for Wood Construction event


Low Carbon Construction – From Urban Planning to Building Design
webinar, 22.10.2020

Wood in the heart of Joensuu

The City of Joensuu has committed to develop wood construction as a part of the sustainable city development. First wood construction pilot projects in Joensuu area were already established in 1990´s. Along the way many remarkable milestones have already been reached. Milestones including the largest wooden multipurpose hall in Europe and the largest office building in Finland at that time. Therefore, it is easy to say that city is a pioneer in wood construction in Finland. At presents, the world’s tallest all wooden apartment building where all load bearing structures are made using solid wood is about to be completed. 

Forest covers almost 90 percent of the land area in North Karelia. Therefore, it is easy to understand why forests are so strongly embedded in the regional identity. Forests have always been a source of economical as well as physical wellbeing for people in North Karelia: forestry, wood industry and recreational use of the forest go hand in hand.

Joensuu is the capital of North Karelia but also titled as a forest capital of Europe. In the Joensuu area you can find unique research concentration related to forests, wood material and construction. The University of Eastern Finland gives academic education and does leading research within the field of wood and bio-based materials. The Natural Resource Institute of Finland (LUKE) research and development work focuses on the sustainable production and use of forests and wood-based materials. Karelia University of Applied Sciences focuses on research and development related to wood construction. In addition, headquarters of the European Forest Institute (EFI) is also located in Joensuu. EFI conducts research and provides policy support on forest-related issues on a European level.

The City of Joensuu is aiming to be one of Finland’s first carbon neutral cities by the year 2025. Using renewable materials in construction is one step towards this goal.