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Insights for DWC 2023 – Part 8

This year, the DWC 2023 event will bring together notable speakers who are able to deliver powerful message related to use of wood, sustainability, circularity in building construction sector and city planning in a way that will ensure the event creates significant impact in this era of climate change mitigation strategies.

Learn more about our speakers from different sessions and their insights below.


Session 4 – Sustainability in Material & Design Considerations

Pathway Towards Achieving Carbon Neutrality in Joensuu – Examples from Land Use Planning

City of Joensuu has an ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by the year 2025. This goal is evident in the various strategies, programmes and guidelines that have steered land use planning in Joensuu. Especially the long-term goals of developing a more dense and compact urban structure, promoting reconstruction and redevelopment of areas close to the centre, and advocating walking and cycling as the main means of getting around have had a concrete impact on the development of the City. Much still remains to be done, and better understanding of the complex effects of land use planning is needed. This presentation will highlight past examples as well as ongoing development projects that play a key role in paving a way towards carbon neutrality in Joensuu.

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About the speakers

Patrik Hämäläinen works as a land use planner for the City of Joensuu. He is responsible for the local master plans that form the broader framework of local development and guide the detailed land use plans. He is also engaged in several (research) projects that focus on sustainable urban development.


The second international Drivers for Wood Construction event will be held in Joensuu 15.-16.5.2023 with the theme Holistic Approach Towards Sustainable Wood Construction.


Drivers of Wood Construction 2023 event organized by the Karelia University of Applied Sciences
in cooperation with Natural Resources Institute Finland, University of Eastern Finland and European Forest Institute.


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