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Insights for DWC 2023 – Part 17

This year, the DWC 2023 event will bring together notable speakers who are able to deliver powerful message related to use of wood, sustainability, circularity in building construction sector and city planning in a way that will ensure the event creates significant impact in this era of climate change mitigation strategies.

Learn more about our speakers from different sessions and their insights below.


Session 1 – Low Carbon Future with Wood – Current Development in Finnish, European and Global Context

About the Moderator

Mr. Petri Heino is a forester by profession; he studied forest products marketing at the University of Helsinki. After completing his Master’s degree he started a long career in the promotion of Finnish wood construction, lobbying for organizations such as Finnish Timber Council and the Finnish Forest Industries Federation. He was also engaged in projects of the Nordic Timber Council. Heino then worked as a Research Manager at the Kymenlaakso University of Applied sciences for 4 years. The focus of the R&D was on restorative design solutions with wood. Heino is currently, since 2016, responsible for the National wood building program at the Ministry of the Environment of Finland. Recently Heino has acted as the initiator of the European Wood Policy Platform, whose goal is to help public officials in enabling the increased use of wood in their respective country or region.


The second international Drivers for Wood Construction event will be held in Joensuu 15.-16.5.2023 with the theme Holistic Approach Towards Sustainable Wood Construction.


Drivers of Wood Construction 2023 event organized by the Karelia University of Applied Sciences
in cooperation with Natural Resources Institute Finland, University of Eastern Finland and European Forest Institute.


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