Drivers for Wood Construction event


Low Carbon Construction
– From Urban Planning to Building Design
webinar, 22.10.2020

We sadly have to inform you that the Drivers for Wood Construction -event cannot be arranged this year due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The event will be arranged at Autumn of 2021. Despite the cancelation we want to offer you a foretaste of what can be expected in 2021.

Low Carbon Construction – From Urban Planning to Building Design session will be arranged as a webinar in 22.10.2020 at 13:00 Eastern European Time (GMT +2). The webinar will offer a wide range of insights for planning urban environments from the ecological sustainability aspect. The presentations will introduce you the latest tangible examples, good practices and latest research insights on how to reduce the emissions in context of the build environment. Low Carbon Construction – From Urban Planning to Building Design -webinar is arranged by Karelia University of Applied Sciences and European Forest Institute.

Drivers of Wood Construction 2021 is organized by the Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland, University of Eastern Finland, European Forest Institute, Ministry of the Environment, Embassy of Sweden and RothoBlaas SRL.


Registration to webinar Low Carbon Construction – From Urban Planning to Building Design  Click hereWebinar is free of charge.

Link to webinar and more information will be sent to participants closer to event date.

Low Carbon Construction – From Urban Planning to Building Design  – 22.10.2020


Time: 13:00 – 15:00 (GMT +2)

Venue: Webinar

Host: Ville Mertanen, Karelia University of Applied Sciences



Opening words

Diana Tuomasjukka, European Forest Institute (Chairperson)


Transition towards Circular Bioeconomy – Integrative Planning Concepts in City and Landscape Planning

Pekka Leskinen/ Rik de Vreese/ Clive Davies, European Forest Institute



Carbon Footprint – Searching for the Balance in the Built Environment

Matti Kuittinen, Ministry of Environment


Actions to Promote Low Carbon Procurement in City Level

Satu Turula, City of Helsinki


Comparison of Different Design Solutions – Case: Low Carbon Apartment Building

Mikko Matveinen, Mika Keskisalo, Karelia University of Applied Sciences


Discussion and final words and closing of the webinar

Erkki Verkasalo, Natural Resource Institute LUKE


End of the webinar


Webinar is part of the Towards Low Carbon Construction – Joensuu Wood City project activities